DeTar Healthcare System, Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Victoria, TX

Completed 2003
John Wallace 361.788.6165
Lindsay Works, Polkinghorn Group Architects
Scope of Services
Obrentz Design collaborated with the architectural team, contractors and client to update the function and appearance of the existing 30,000 square foot hospital and to make the space "visitor friendly".
  • Establishes a new image for the hospital by creating visual metaphors which emphasize a sense of wellness, vigor, and wholeness.
  • Emphasizes the historical role the hospital has played in the community by developing a scheme which employs vernacular references.
  • Expands the existing ground floor entry system and allows natural light to flood into the building.
  • Improves the wayfinding system through:
    • Implanting architectural cues within the space to assist intuitive wayfinding.
    • Reorganizing locations of key services within a direct visual line of the front entry.
  • Collaboration between members from the community, a newspaper editor, and a local graphic designer resulted in the development of graphic panels, which illustrate the historic role the hospital has played in the growth of the city.

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